The Bigger Picture

Did you know that 64% of populations in “democracies” stated that their governments “rarely or never act in the public interest?”

Have you ever wondered why local and national government seem to have a different agenda than the one presented to the public?

The narrow corridor of accepted political opinion and the demonisation of everything outside it is also part of a Bigger Picture.

The Bigger Picture shows how and why Global policies are implemented at a Local level.

We reveal the facts behind “Regeneration”, “Vibrant Communities”, “Walkable Cities”, “Smart Cities”. and why there is no real consultation but “group consensus” and policies implemented without consent.

The Bigger Picture gives you the facts about what, why and by whom… and how this affects you.

The Bigger Picture also presents you with information to safeguard your rights.

The talks include the whole historical background of the current agenda and the use of psychology and social engineering along with issues such as Climate Change to enforce Urbanization along with a huge corporate land grab and loss of individual rights.

These talks will give you the original sources of this Global Action Plan, what it means to you and what you can do to safeguard your rights.

Many people may ask why do I not know about it? This is because the public do not need to know about Corporate Global Governance where their lives will be micromanaged by increasingly remote authority. Everything is presented in simplistic terms as a benefit to the public and the real motives are not in plain site.

“If you are asking “Why do I need to know about it?” you should attend these talks.

Our Speakers:

PIERS CORBYN is an astrophycist and brother of Jeremy. An ardent campaigner for truth Piers runs and his talks cover climate change and take apart the Global Warming Agenda through scientific analysis. Piers is also a campaigner for housing and covers the social cleansing and corporate takeover happening through The Global Action Plan.

Piers will explain everything you need to know about Climate and why the globalist push to promote the Climate Change agenda is corporate and not environmental (as stated by the UN and Corporate sponsors.)

MARK WINDOWS is an independent journalist, broadcaster and film maker. His many years of research and shows cover what is really going on behind the increasingly controlled narratives presented through all forms of media.

Mark Windows talk on The Bigger Picture: The Art of Living (Beyond a Post Truth World) opens a door to World Events and how our reality is being constructed.

Mark Windows’ research is extensive and covers what we are perceived to be in society and what this means through PR based Fake News Narratives being fed to the Unelected Media and into policies which affect us.

Without knowledge of this there is no hope of gaining a true perspective of what is going on. It is essential to know How, where and why your worldview is being constructed. These questions are asked and answered on Windows on the World. The agents of change are identified and the agenda carefully explained with carefully sourced prima facie evidence.

Mark has had much success in dealing with the “Useful Idiots” in Local Councils who act beyond authority.and recently had hundreds of people removed from the “Crimestoppers” site due to the abuse of the site by Kent Police. This along with successful court cases against Local Authorities brings helpful information to you in dealing with elected Public Officials who are merely selected by corporate puppet masters.

SANDI ADAMS on The Global Action Plan being implemented NOW in your local area

Rampant globalisation and global control is the aim of most large corporations nowadays.

Since 2009 Sandi’s interest in UN Agenda 21, now known as UN Agenda 2030, has grown.

Finding that it affected Somerset during the flooding of the levels in 2014 she has been researching the origins of this global plan and has been doing talks on the subject in Somerset.

UN Agenda 21/ 2030 Sustainable Development is the biggest threat to humanity and freedom as we know it.

It’s an action plan implemented worldwide to inventorise and control all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, all mean s of production, energy, education, information and you !

Sandi will explain the origins of the UN/EU and how Agenda 21 was born at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, who came up with the plan, why, what it will mean for humanity and how it links up with the Orwellian Smart Agenda, 5G and what this means for everyone.

There will be breaks between talks and plenty of time to chat .