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About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome and more recently a large hernia in the oesophagus. I have tried the conventional medicine approach and treatments, but they were unsuccessful, and my symptoms aggravated with the passing of time. Since I started RIFE therapy alongside some emotional therapy and changes to my eating habits; the symptoms are almost gone and no longer taking medication for the hernia, also my emotional state has improved and I feel more optimistic and at ease about the future, as my health is improving I am happier than I used to be.Sally is a very thorough, committed practitioner and will go that extra mile support you .Thank you, Sally, for all your help and support.

Vicky Rodrieguez Altuna – Brighton

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Doing EFT therapy with Susannah helped me to realise and understand better my emotional state. Now I am aware of feelings that I didn’t even know I have inside. After completing my 6 sessions I felt at ease about the future and I am taking one day at the time.

Thank you, Susannah, for your wonderful help and helping me to get a better understanding of myself. Vicky Hove

Ion Pro Wave Detox Foot Bath

Needing a pick me up!!!…detox on all body mind spirit…rejuvenating, releasing and relaxing. It was a lovely experience….felt so much lighter focused and my tension headache had gone…felt like skipping on the way home. Please share this event with family and friends in the Brighton area xxx come try out a session xxx

Denise Millar Acupuncturist Hove.

‘I can highly recommend it’ Gabi Portsmouth

‘I feel like skipping down the road, much lighter’ Adam London

‘Happy feet Happy Heart, I slept really well’ Jen Brighton