EFT emotional freedom technique

Susannah Acworth AHMET Dip Spiritual Psych.

As a psychotherapist and emotional freedom practitioner, (EFT) my longing is to help people become healthier and happier with their life. I have always been deeply moved and fascinated by the human condition, by what it means to be human, why it is that so many struggle living lives of quiet desperation, too much emotional and mental sickness.  Does it really have to be so? Following many trainings, my work now centres on seeing the person behind the problem and helping them open the door to a better, happier and more aware way of living.

Anxiety, addictions, stress, anger, depression, sickness – emotional physical and spiritual – are simplistically  the result of ‘events/traumas’ which have become ‘lodged’ in our minds and bodies, resulting in ‘jangled’ energy, to which we too often become victims. We’ve all been there. I certainly have.  Motorway accidents cause blockages, and only when the chaos is clear does traffic flow freely again.   So it is with us.  Events in our lives ‘cause’ ripples, tidal waves, chaos with our emotions.  We build walls and a ‘protective’ ego.  The re-triggering to present day events keeps us in a state of stressful alert, resulting in myriad problems.  It doesn’t have to be like this. When I discovered meaning in my daily life, something in me woke up. Just a blade of grass did that!

The Emotional Freedom Technique gives us tools, at our fingertips, to teach, guide and heal ourselves, allowing energy to flow again through the body, whilst releasing the negative emotions, and making way for more joy and happiness to enter our lives.

In essence when we become masters of our emotions rather than slave to them, we can live with more awareness, creativity, generosity and gratefulness.  Life will continue to ‘throw’ challenges at us, but when we become aware of our ‘knee jerk’ re-actions to challenges, and engage with ‘new’ awareness, we have the ability and inner tools to listen to, watch and embrace those feelings, as opposed to re-acting to them. And to live life more fully.

I love my work, I love the human condition, I love energy.  I’m very human, experience all emotions – but am seldom controlled by them.  I neither negatively suppress emotions, nor (mostly!) negatively express them. I am far from perfect.

I mostly work on Skype but can see people face to face – in the Oxford area.

One to six sessions weekly over the course of 6 weeks is recommended, and should you wish to do more work at a later date that can be arranged.

Payment is by donation, or if preferred a fixed fee, which we can discuss at our initial free half hour consultation.

I really look forward to working with you!